Babylon Project
Visual Installation Dimensions several
Brussels, Belgium 2011
Cinquantenaire Museum Brussels

Initial reflection: “Babylon the great mother of abominations“. Is the point of return to everyday life as the urgent need of the individual to its original context tell yourself God.
Conceptual support of the project: We based on the establishment of a system of flow of information through which the group finds itself in over-saturation of this, are generated voids or spaces of weightlessness in which there is an anchor to reality in which we live . The decomposition of the current system of life, decadence and malformation of the evolving structures of man have led to self annihilation per se, individuals or bodily structures that circulate through improper archetypes that determine their interaction with a context global but an anachronism to be a fragmentation and compaction of what society generates the eleventh century. Migration, displacement collective or new expatriates who do not have a place in the middle of all that makes up the mega land commune, labeled, classified and identified as codes to meet their quota of suffering its share of payment of the minimum Obol for the support system global governance anthropophagy derivative condition incarcerating all feasible rational argument as an excuse for the liberation of the individual.

Casa Meva Project
Visual Installation Dimensions several
Brussels, Belgium 2010
Cinquantenaire Museum Brussels

Poem for three times
Performance in video sequence
Barcelona, Spain 2009


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