Exile Diary, 
Series Nº 1 to 35
60 x 60 x 5 cm. 250 grs.
Natural stone, divers materials, polyurethane resin
Denderleeuw, Belgium 2017


Exile or negation, I do not look for the stroke or volumetric space
of the sculpture are colored planes in space.
Amalgam fragile elements like strokes in space.
I divest myself iconography, the technique
and recourse to simplicity
of the line interacts with the color.

Denderleeuw, Belgium 2017

New Icons Venezuelans
Warriors ,
 Photo collage digital
paper glued in support wood
Series Nº 1 to 15
1600 x 1200 pixel
Denderleeuw, Belgium 2017


Photo collage digital
and engraved from impregnated blood
60 x 60 x 5 cm.
Denderleeuw, Belgium 2017


50 Faces of Killer, 
Print on red paper format A5
Venice, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam
20 may 2017



pdf stampa frontale

pdfanteriore stampata


pdfAdhesion Colectiva


Performance Bloodbath,
© Venezuelan Pavilion 57 Biennial de Venice
Venice, 2017



Performance Carnival of Blood Venice Inside,
© 57 Biennial de Venice
May 20, 2017 14:00 pm

Venezuelan on the brink of Bloodbath, There is no other option, no possible dialogue. Terrifying moment thousands of young students in Venezuelan risk their lives. The “brutal repression” after 40 years of democracy. Venezuela has disappeared in a shooting, immersed in drug trafficking, corruption and paramilitary groups that undermine territoriality. Our identity is been destroyed, a system genocide introduced for that divides society into affines and adversaries. We want to make an international call for awareness of these urban barricades our “Guarimbas”, to across the pond, we want freedom, one future and the right not to be an expatriate anymore because of a bloody group.

Transmutations, Proposal FAENA ART 2017
Divers materials organic and inorganic
bonded with polyurethane resin
variable dimensions
Brussels, Belgium 2016


Génesis 2:7 The Lord God took a handful of soil and made a man. God breathed life into the man, and the man started breathing. “Vayitser Adonay Elohim et-ha’adam afar min-ha’adamah ” .

Transmutation is the conversion of one element into another, starting from the idea that everything in the universe is made up cosmic dust (Atoms)… Einstein’s theory leads us to a process in which our reality becomes cyclical. Is one sequence of transmutation to our reality is understood as the course of time. The decomposition process of inert matter (Corpse) generates a sequence in which the elements are separated to be reabsorbed thereby processed by system, this process is known as chemical decomposition, analysis or breakdown is the separation of a chemical compound into elements or simpler com- pounds. One can differentiate abiotic from biotic decomposition (biodegradation). The former means “degradation of a substance by chemical or physical processes, hydrolysis. The latter one means “the metabolic breakdown of materials into simpler components by living organisms”, typically by microorganisms. Cadaverine is a foul-smelling diamine compound produced by the putrefaction of animal tissue NH2(CH2)5NH2. The Putrescine, or tetramethylenediamine, is a foul-smelling organic chemical compound NH2(CH2)4NH2 (1,4-diaminobutane or butanediamine) .

The process leads us to understand of body can be transformed into another in a higher state that is Philosopher’s stone. The theoretical roots outlining a common source or prima materia (first matter), asso- ciated with chaos. Prima materiais also the name alchemists assign to the starting ingredient for the crea- tion of the philosopher’s stone. The importance of this philosophical first matter persisted throughout the history of alchemy. In the seventeenth century, Thomas Vaughan writes, “the first matter of the stone is the very same with the first matter of all things”. If we take the initial argument of the creation of man immate- rial (Spiritual) we are confronted with the fact God (Logo) is a creative energy able to reconstruct the atomic structure. From what our space time understand as empty or absence matter it is not so because everything is made up of cosmic dust in suspension so we leads to understand that the process of trans- mutation is the transformation in compendium materia initial in process recognize that as another body in top condition for us immaterial spiritual but really is the description of a time dilation or rather another dimension.

Transmutation is an experiment in which a body is exposed to multiples process of degradation and pre- servation in order to allow necrophiliac development. The installation is an axis Cosmic abstract conceptual of the reflections of Roberto Guevara in relation to the transits of matter (Caracas- Venezuela 1996). The body of a rescued calf slaughterhouse encapsulated in polyurethane resin tries to serve as reflective axis to the reality of transmutation cycle start. 100 vacuum packaging bags in which visors, cuts of meat, blood from other organic materials which in turn are exposed to different chemical reagents to accelerate or decelerate the natural process of decomposition be preserved. Whether idea is through this installation process show the passage of time and the transfor- mation of the original object into another within a controlled circumstance that is an alchemical process active.

“Time is fleeting… untouchable our reality is described through objects whose bone structure is the vestige of our passing through this temporal reality”.   Sergio Rangel 

Prophecies and Visions
Materials divers agglutinated  for polyurethane resin
Sculptures variable formats,
Photo-digital performance plotter 60 x 90 cm
Brussels, Belgium  2015-2016

-“After death comes the meaning of life a vision and a sense,
art is the utility that gives meaning to life
“- Sergio Rangel Penzo


Project Babylon, Oráculo
Interactive installation, variable dimensions
Cinquantenaire Museum
Brussels, Belgium 2011


Initial reflection: “Babylon the great mother of abominations“. Is the point of return to everyday life as the urgent need of the individual to its original context tell yourself God.
Conceptual support of the project: We based on the establishment of a system of flow of information through which the group finds itself in over-saturation of this, are generated voids or spaces of weightlessness in which there is an anchor to reality in which we live . The decomposition of the current system of life, decadence and malformation of the evolving structures of man have led to self annihilation per se, individuals or bodily structures that circulate through improper archetypes that determine their interaction with a context global but an anachronism to be a fragmentation and compaction of what society generates the eleventh century. Migration, displacement collective or new expatriates who do not have a place in the middle of all that makes up the mega land commune, labeled, classified and identified as codes to meet their quota of suffering its share of payment of the minimum Obol for the support system global governance anthropophagy derivative condition incarcerating all feasible rational argument as an excuse for the liberation individual.

Casa Meva Project
Visual Installation, variable dimensions
Cinquantenaire Museum Brussels
Brussels, Belgium 2010


Series In Terram, Retablos
Divers materials bonded with polyurethane resin,
variable dimensions
Barcelona, Spain 2009-2013


Performance & Installation ephemeral in Street The pumpkin
Clotheslines autoportantes
Industrial paint black on white plastic, variable dimensions
Barcelona, Spain 2002


Exhibition El Xifrat,
Centre Cultural Drassanes,  Barcelona 2003
Gravure on paper in plastic bags
variable dimensions
Barcelona – Spain, 2003


Series Encrsitao
Totem, Multiples materials bonded with polyurethane resin
200 x 50 x 50 cm
Caracas, Venezuela 2008-2009


Series Encristao
Acrylic on canvas
variable dimensions´
Caracas, Venezuela 1999 – 2015


Trinitas Infernus
Installation divers materials bonded with polyurethane resin
600 x 600 x 600 cm.
3 American Mud Biennial Roberto Guevara
Maracaibo, Venezuela 1998

Altar St. Peter Harvest
Installation divers materials bonded with polyurethane resin
1200 x 2400 x 1800 cm.
1 Mercosur Biennial
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 1997

Series Sacred hearts
Modules, divers materials bonded with polyurethane resin
variable dimensions
Caracas, Venezuela 1996-1997


Series Sacred hearts
Container, divers materials bonded
with polyurethane resin
100 x 150 x 80 cm
Caracas, Venezuela 1996-1997


Series Sacred hearts
Mural, divers materials bonded
with polyurethane resin
1500 x 1000 x 90 cm
Caracas, Venezuela 1996-1997


Series Sacred hearts
Collage, mixed media on paper support
variable dimensions
Caracas, Venezuela 1997

Series Sacred hearts
Sanctuary, mixed media on canvas support
200 x 100cm.
Caracas, Venezuela 1996


Photoengraving, silkscreen,
painting acrylic emulsified, gold leaf on paper support
300 x 170 cm.
Caracas, Venezuela 1992-1993


Collage, mixed media on paper backing
glued on wooden stand
variable dimensions
Caracas, Venezuela 1991-1992

The Civic
Photoengraving ,
collage mixed media on paper support
variable dimensions
Caracas, Venezuela 1990-1991


Icons Venezuelans
José Gregorio Hernández , Photoengraving collage mixed media,
gold leaf on paper glued to support wood
200 x 130 cm.
Caracas, Venezuela 1985-19990



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