Sergio Rangel the Apprentice

by Antoni  Tapies
[Exhibition Xifrat –Centre Cultural Drassanes / Barcelona 2003]

Ancient apprentice of rites , lover of the codices and the mysteries that make up the universal iconography in a language of pure matter that moves us through the magic of the image, its iconography goes back to the time of the officiating at a time that the concept than the creator, no longer a contemporary work that reminds us of the origin of individual identity. One day, Sergio Rangel Penzo, came to my studio in Barcelona carrying a great treasure in your travel bag, are pieces of America that are opposed to an anachronistic Europe, devoid of any identity, that is the work of this young promise of universal arts. Facing the reality it describes the purest expression, before evoking the commercial, aesthetic or does not seek to create beautiful objects, but these elements we confront the deepest fears of man, which is the confrontation that I found in this outstanding Catalan artist Venezuelan time confided that allows you to get your place in the history of contemporary art.

In his recent work I have stated objects or rather transmuted urban wastes, it were a score on which develops the rhythm to be played at each performance of the work we do, ropes, mud , an amalgam of materials encapsulated in a polyurethane core safeguards of time, short-lived but self-contradictory, Rangel is bringing together memories in these constructs, which are the product of his passage through this world, blogs that speak of a trace Standing on the history of art, like the apprentice must become past master, that the path of initiation that this artist undertakes in each in his work.


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